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Hya Gai Mi gia (San Francisco: Tenderloin)

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Hya Gai Noodle

Hya Gai Mi Gia is a cheap and very popular Cantonese style noodle joint deep inside the Tenderloin district. This place reminds me of really authentic noodle shops in Hong Kong. It’s hard to find such classic style Cantonese style noodles in LA (Clear Broth! Egg Noodles! Wonton!) I got the Braised Duck Leg wonton Noodle. It’s very delicious, the duck leg are deeply braised with flavor and the meat is tender and moist.

I’d love to come back here a lot more if I live in SF, but you have to venture inside the scary Tenderloin neighborhood. For someone who’s not familiar enough with which street to avoid, I walked into some very shady street filled with needles on the ground and screaming mentally disturbed homeless. I felt like walking through a horror movie to get to the restaurant.

Hya Gai Mi Gia
707 Ellis St (between Larkin St & Polk St), San Francisco, CA 94109

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