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Dosa (San Francisco: Mission)

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I had many good authentic and cheap Indian food for lunch when I worked at Cupertino. One night I craved South Indian food so much, I looked up and found this popular spot at the hipster Mission.



A special of the night: Panipuri. A street snack where you crack open the puff pastry and fill it with the stuffings on the side, and you pour the green and brown sauce i. The green sauce is extremely spicy, and I accidentally poured in too much in one of my bites, my tongue never truly recovered that night.


Dosa, Indian’s savory rice and lentil crepes. The flavor is not quite as rich as the ones I’ve bad near Cupertino.


Uttapam: Indian’s savory pancakes. Again it’s not quite as rich tasting as the ones I’ve had (toned down), it’s still enjoyable.

It’s no authentic, ethnic dining experience, but it’s a nice, vibrant place to hang out with friends and a quick fix to my Indian food cravings.

DOSA on VALENCIA 415 642 3672
995 Valencia (@ 21 St)

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