January 26, 2006 8

Dusty’s (Silver Lake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

After 2 weeks of endless work for the project me and Freda were pitching against each other, finally have time to update this old entry. Originally RP and I wanted to go to Fatty’s, turns out it wasn’t open on Sunday :(. Without a backup plan, we end up at Dusty’s. RP got the the Vegetrian Pasta, so-so, not enough taste. I got the Quails that’s a special, it’s very delicious! They were cooked with raisins and apple so the sauce was both salty and sweet.

All the desserts I tried before here weren’t good. But we craved sweet after the meal so we got the supposedly “can’t go wrong” stuffs: coconut creme burlee and chocolate mousee. Both turns out not good…urghhhh…never will get dessert at this place ever again!

Freda is back! And we finally move in to our new place~~~ (but there’s no internet ><)

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8 Responses to “Dusty’s (Silver Lake)”

  1. seat says:

    That is a huge quail!! 2 of you shared it? Looks yummy~~!!
    Yeah many restaurants close on Sunday here too – there are 2 friends I always go out with on Sunday and I always have a headache trying to find a restaurant that is open.

  2. RP says:

    Unless the quail was a fake one, I wouldn’t have shared it with Joan, Seat 😛

    Hey good luck with moving and everything, don’t try to lift the heavy stuffs by yourselves! I think it’s really neat that you guys begin living in a new place in a new year! Don’t forget to throw a house warming party after you have settled in 😀

  3. seat says:

    Oh no, I thought Freda was there too! ^^;;;

  4. Joan says:

    Ha yeah it was only me and RP.

    Happy new year~~ Seat did you celebrate it in some way?
    We’ve been living in our place for couple days now, I love it so much!! Last night we were cooking too. It’s great to finally live in a place you own! I’m very happy 😀

  5. Freda says:

    We were clue to our plasma TV and cable the entire time actually ….^^;;; Our place is still empty. I was so used to the tiny place I stayed in NY that I was actually a bit taken back how ‘huge’ our condo actually is…whenever I need to borrow something from Joan it was such a long walk to her room. Or it could be that we’ve been sharing a small room all our lives that it felt weird we finally have our own space.

  6. seat says:

    Happy CNY!! No I didn’t celebrate at all…no chinese friends around, and China Town(Yokohama) is too far…and my family has gone for an overseas trip so no one to phone either. ^^;;;

    It must be nice to live in your own house! Complete freedom to do whatever you want in a space that you create entirely for yourself. Strange question: do you feel scared/lonely sleeping in separate rooms though? ^^;;

  7. Freda says:

    yes the ‘it’s my house and I can do/put whatever I want and I make my own rule” ownership feels so good~ 😀 Haha of course not afraid in seperate bedroom, I’m glad I no longer have to tip-toe into the room if Joan were to sleep first. But now we have seperate closet, and we started to fight ownership of which cloth belong to whom…^^;;; I know we can always go into each other’s closet to wear whatever, but there’s now an ‘indivdual ownership’ feeling when we seperate our belongings. I would feel less incline to wear those in her closet…this will take awhile to adjust. Maybe from now on we’d start to develop our own set of wardrobe and different style.

  8. seat says:

    And bed-timing reading becomes more convenient, you can have the light on and read in bed until you feel sleepy…I get so stressed when I am deprived of that freedom! ^^;;;

    Oh when I went back to HK, going to my sister’s room and finding stuff to wear from her closet was fun though – lots of surprises! ^^;;;