February 6, 2006 7

Jin Patisserie (Abbot Kinney)

By in 15: Venice

I treat myself and had the afternoon tea set from Jin Patisserie (see old entry) for lunch. When I asked if it’s too big for one person the waitress said no ^^;; There’re sandwich, quiche, 2 scones, 2 pound cake, 4 mini-pastries + 1 chocolate + tea.
Close up of Mini Sweet Pastries and chocolate~ I love the Vanilla Green Tea (Jin used Le Palais des Th

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7 Responses to “Jin Patisserie (Abbot Kinney)”

  1. donny says:

    so…was it too much for 1 person??

  2. seat says:

    Oh they should use the three tier stand for better presentation!! ^^;;;
    The scones and the pound cakes look good.
    How are the little cakes?

  3. RP says:

    Afternoon… tea o.0? That’s surely a lot for one person, I think I’ll have them for lunch! But they look really yummy though!

  4. Freda says:

    Yeah I wish they use a stand! The mini cakes are so tiny, and their taste is very light and subtle…so before I get to really taste it, one bite…over! I only remember the chocolate mocha one ^^;;; the only thing that’s really stuffing for stomachs are the scones. If two people were to share this, it’d be a nasty fight for the pastries (imagine if I share this with joan..hmm… ^^;;;)

  5. naomi says:

    hello all, im new person to write here. i was working with freda at new york last couple weeks.
    we had really good (for fun) and hard (for work) time togther, and went to so many good restrants. now im reading here, and think, wow, fread always keeping track of good restrants and her pics are amaging! please keep update as you can 🙂 i found more fun restrant we can go next time you come to here, and i will keep checking in future for your visit..
    happy eating!! naomi from ny

  6. Joan says:

    Hello Naomi, nice to see your comment! You showed her lots of amazing restaurants that I wish I could go! Next time I go to NY hopefully to meet you and try other good places too 😀

  7. Freda says:

    Hey hey Noami~ I missed NY so much! I bought Jurlique’s Herbal gel btw, it is really really good, I can tell the improvement of my skin already (only use 2 days). It is not too expensive either. I found a Jurlique store at Beverly Hills.