February 14, 2006 2

Mediternia Cafe (Abbot Kinney)

By in 15: Venice

Love the outdoor table cloth! We were running late for brunch and this cafe was one of the few places that still opens at Abbot Kinney. Homemade Waffle with sausage, very good, fresh and soft. The sausages are normal though, the ones from last week were a lot better. Freda ordered a Salmon Salad and by the time I finished my waffle it still hadn’t come. -__-|||We checked with the waiter a dozen time, every time he said “it’s almost done…just few more minutes” and it just never comes! Apparently they ran out of salmon and had to get one from the restaurant next door blah blah blah…I think we waited over an hour. The waiters were being very apologetic and promised not to charge us a dime,which was nice of them. We couldn’t wait any longer so they gave us free gelato as compensation. The gelato were very yummy. It’s too bad we couldn’t try the salmon salad because the food at this place seems good. Hopefully we’ll have better luck next time if we ever go back.

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2 Responses to “Mediternia Cafe (Abbot Kinney)”

  1. tomoko says:

    wow the tablecloth is so beautiful!!
    and the gelato looks good–nice and chunky-looking!
    so they didn’t charge you anything at all?
    sounds like a pretty nice place:)

  2. Joan says:

    yay free of charge 🙂 so even though it sucks that we couldn’t get the salmon dish, the service was good so we weren’t pissed in the end.