March 4, 2006 9

Han Bat Shul Lung Tang (Koreatown)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

Ah Joan has fallen in this flu season and still not recover yet. We wanted to eat light at K-town and Shul lung tang is the answer. Yan brought us to this Shul lung tang-only place nearby our house (I would have never found it myself). It’s basically beef bone broth, with your choice of beef meat and glass noodle. We got brisket and flank. It came with the usual kimchi and pickled radish, and you spiced it up with hot sauce, green onion and salt. It’s light, tasty and good comfort food. The soups were brought out 2 mins after we ordered, prefect for hungry quick fix. I heard that such places are popular for late nighters (especially after drink). The place was bare mom-and-pops and the customers were all old people, and it’s tricky to find as the parking is at the back side without signs. Add: 4136 W. 5th St LA, CA 90020

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9 Responses to “Han Bat Shul Lung Tang (Koreatown)”

  1. Freda says:

    I’m be going to Mammoth (north California, snow mountain~) tomorrow, and since our office will be setup there so I’d be able to update the blog hehe~~ Oh good news, my stop motion piece is FINISHED and client approved it! Ah but can’t still show you gals yet. Now I just have to make tons of spin-off and variation for their packages and it’d be done.

  2. seat says:

    Have a great trip, and take lots of pics the usual! ^^;;; So good that you get to travel around for work!!

    Can’t wait to see you first stop motion!

    Oh the kimchi looks spicy and yummy! But maybe too strong for Joan’s not-yet-recovered stomach?

  3. tomoko says:

    hey freda it sounds awesome you get to go to mammoth and snowboard as much as you want!! 😀
    btw Joan never used to get sick!! what’s happening~~~?hope you feel better soon^0^

  4. RP says:

    Sorry to hear that Joan got sick!!! Hope you get well soon!!! Btw, I’ve found a new woman doctor who (so far) has been quite cool, she speaks cantonese too, will give you her card next time I see you!

    Also, sorry about the “is he going to die???” msg last night, it was insane, I was in Irvine and the reception was crappy there so somehow I got your old msg back in pre-HBP days ^^;;; It was a total time warp. I felt sorry that BBM lost to Crash (which I admittedly haven’t seen and do not plan to watch), if it had to lose I’d rather it lost to something more controversial ;-P It’s a shame too that Ang Lee forgot to give credit to Heath and Jake in his speech (probably subconsciously thought he’d do that during the best picture speech :-D?) But I’m happy that he got best director anyway. Thanks for the report!

    Freda your job is just excellent, you go everywhere! Have a nice trip and I look forward to watching your bunny project ^__^

  5. Joan says:

    Thanks RP! I just change my insurance to PPO now so I can swith doctors anytime now.

    What!? A msg from that long ago? That’s so weird ^^;;; I didn’t see Crash either but everyone I know who’ve seen it told me how much they hated it or think how bad it is (ex: overly preachy, contrive, sappy, hit-you-over-the-head messages).

    Tomoko: I dunno why I keep getting sick ever since I started working! May be it’s the office, the air con is always so cold. And when one person get sick it usually spread around. one time at a meeting I had to squeeze into a smalll sofa between two guys (one of them Stan) and both of them just keep coughing, urggh….

  6. seat says:

    Joan, you should wear a mask when there are people getting sick around you, even though you are not sick YET. Or is it weird to wear mask in US??

  7. RP says:

    Yeah PPO is better, I’ve just switched back to it too!

    Hey yesterday I went to another potatomato-approved restaurant (it’s like I’m stalking you;;;) Amori during lunch break(our office moved to somewhere close enough to oldtown Monrovia), and I loved the place~~~ Good food, good service and cute interior. Though I didn’t get what was so “fusion” about it, didn’t feel the food was at all Asian, but maybe it was just the dishes we ordered 😛

  8. teetee says:

    I just switched back to PPO too! … found your blog when i googled LuLu’s … i’m new to Temple City and randomly stumbled upon that place last week … i”m taking a friend there tomorrow nite … love the Lion’s Head clay pot stew with glassy noodles (Yum). Your San Gabriel Food section is calling out for some new dining adventures ^_- Keep me posted if you’re in the area … I’m up for some cuisine exploration 🙂 Hope you’re having a good time in Mammoth (Brrrrr)…I absolutely love your design/layout, I strive to have even half as much style ^_^ Cheers!

  9. Freda says:

    Thank you Teehee! I’m glad you like Lulu, it’s definitely a surprise for a sleepy little town (well once ^^;;) like Temple City.