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Jin Heung Ghak (Koreatown)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

DSC09760.jpgFor the past whole week I’ve been craving Ja Jang Mien, the Korean (well Chinese Korean) kind with black miso paste, onion and cumumber. *q* I read that Mandarin House on Vermont has the best Ja Jang Mien in town. However when I get there it’s called “Jin Heung Gahk” instead. The owner changed? Or perhaps whoever wrote the guide can’t read the actual Korean/Chinese sign because the there was an misleading (outdated?) English signs that said “Mandarin House” outside. ^^;; Whether this is the right one, they seems to be specialized in Ja Jang (black miso paste) too as it’s in half of the menu, even the customer order just the paste to pour over anything. We had the grounded meat kind and the regular ones, the former too meaty for my taste. The onion made the sauce extraordinarily sweet. The group I went with find the sauce too light for their taste, but for me it’s perfect. It’s very addictive. The hand-pull noodles are heavenly good~ I brought some black miso paste myself at the market later and will try to learn it my own. 😀

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2 Responses to “Jin Heung Ghak (Koreatown)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh both the sauce and the noodles look very yummy~~!!
    Ja Jang Mien is actually its Korean name?? It sounds so much like Cantonese “fried paste noodles”!! But the noodles and the sauce look different from the HK kind…!!

  2. Freda says:

    It’s exactly that word, “Fried paste noodles”. But completely different. Taiwanese also have “Fried paste noodle” and it’s very different too.