June 13, 2006 3

101 Coffee shop (Franklin)

By in 04: Los Feliz

DSCN7574.jpgI blogged this place long time ago. I went back few times and their food never leave much impression on me. This time I went there for dessert. The Chocolate Waffle brownie Sundae is great. It’s basically a big warm chocolate brownie pressed into waffle shape and topped with vanilla ice cream. I felt a bit chocolate overdose by the end though, especially when the ice cream were gone (someone kept eating it). I wished I had coffee or milk to wash it down.

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3 Responses to “101 Coffee shop (Franklin)”

  1. seat says:

    So much chocolate sauce as well! Yeah lots of ice-cream or whipped cream is definitely needed!

  2. tomoko says:

    I wish I could eat this when I’m
    really really tired! It should wake me up ^0^

  3. Joan says:

    ha! The sugar can definitly make you hyper!