June 16, 2006 3

The Pig (La Brea)

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Beef Brisket Plate apple-wood-smoked beef slices served with “world championship” sweet mustard sauce. I got sides of potato salad, cole slaw and corn bread. The beef brisket is soft and I love the sauce. 5 bones baby back ribs hickory-smoked dry-rub ribs made with “world championship” recipe.

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich. 9 bones St. Louis-style Spare Ribs Hickory-smoked with sweet and sassy sauce, with sides of mashed potatoes and corns.

A BBQ ribs place called The Pig is the kind of place I wouldn’t have gone if weren’t for lunching with a bunch of male co-workers. In fact I was the only female at the restaurants. The guys love it, they clean out their plates. The Pig sells different kinds of of their own BBQ sauces. I tried the ones on the table and I like the smokin’ spicy barbeque sauce the most.

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3 Responses to “The Pig (La Brea)”

  1. seat says:

    What is with world-champion this world-champion that? ^^;;;
    The restaurant’s name is “The Pig” so at first I thought it was also specialised in pork, like the entry I just uploaded, but “the pig” refers to the customers in this case? ^^;;
    The beef brisket in the first pic looks like the red Cantonese char-siu!

  2. tomoko says:

    ohhhhh my goodness, looks like
    haaaaaard-core comfort food!!
    I would surely have acid reflux,
    but I wouldn’t mind having a meal like
    this once in a while!:D

  3. Joan says:

    pig = custumers, ha that’s right!
    Yeah these kind of meal definitely satisfied the once-in-awhile carnivorous craving ^^;;;