August 1, 2006 3

Le Pain Quotidien (Santa Monica)

By in 16: Santa Monica

Chilled soup with Cucumber, Seaweed, Avacado, Lime and Miso. Very cooling and tasty!
DSC00460.jpgRock Sugar Belgian Waffle, the pieces of rock sugar are inside, very cruchy and sugary, yum! When I was chilling at this Belgian chain after a day of shopping, a familiar face approached me. Turns out she’s also an ArtCenter alumni. Indeed a small world!

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3 Responses to “Le Pain Quotidien (Santa Monica)”

  1. seat says:

    I can’t imagine cucumber, seaweed, avacado, lime and miso in the same bowl…^^;;

  2. BonBon says:

    Me neither. But I really want to try that. Is it really sweet?

  3. Freda says:

    It’s really delicious! Imagine a miso soup served cold (without so much miso) with lime juice, and cooling cucumber water (like those you drank in spa), in fact drinking this i have imagery of a relaxing spa resort with white robes, bamboo…etc. (or could be just I’m craving a spa resort vacation now ^^;;;). The avacado doesn’t give off much taste, they’re just there for texture for chewing, constrasting the crispy seaweed.