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Chung King (San Gabriel)

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This is actually the new Chung King, the Taiwanese owned Sichuan restaurant, though I never been to the old one. I was feeling ‘fiery’ these days already (from too much fried greasy food) and eating this meal is really ‘add oil on fire.’
A premade coldplate with Pig’s ear, liver and some other part ^^;; Very flavored and tasty. The plate on right is their new dish: Dual Color Peppers diced Beef with crispy rice (what a fiery crispy combine~ ^^;;)
The always good Fried long beans & Beef Noodle Soup, especially the tender yet firmy tendons, very good!
Red Spicy Wontons and Taian Fish with Konjac. The fish is the most spicy dish of all, it hit you hardest. The konjac is very delicious with the chilli oil and spice. (notice a pattern of my favorites: pig’s ear, beef tendons, konjac…all similar texture~)
Spareribs with Prickly Ash buds and Fried Chicken bites with Sichuan Chilis, both very tasty! The Sichuan chilli is famous for ‘numbing’ effect, so in fact the later dish is the most spicy of all.

But overall the spicy level is pretty mild, it is much toned down from the real thing. I can eat nonstop without problem. Shared by 5 people. Bao bao, tasty and very satisfied. 😀

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3 Responses to “Chung King (San Gabriel)”

  1. seat says:

    Bao bao you were hahaha~~. The wonton looks the most tempting!! Drinking lager helps cooling down the “fire”.
    I have been eating udon/soba all the time recently, now I crave something spicy!

  2. Freda says:

    What about regular beer, do they help? ^^;;; Oh i have spicy Mexican food today, my throat hurt…oh~~

  3. seat says:

    Lager is not regular beer?? ^^;;; I only know cider doesn’t help!