October 21, 2004 6

Wonton Time (Alhambra)

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My food-snob uncle recommended it so it should be good. Turns out it IS really good, best in LA I swear! They only sell wonton, fish ball and beef noodle (or combinations of them). The wonton and fish ball are so huge and homemade looking, they taste really juicy and chewy (there are dried orange peel in the fish ball, very good flavor). Soup is good too.

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6 Responses to “Wonton Time (Alhambra)”

  1. tina says:

    is this the tiny tiny place on valley near the star bucks at the corner? i think i’ve being there and the meau is very limited. i didn’t try the fish ball but the wonton was GOOD !!

  2. Joan says:

    Yeah that was it! It has the best wonton in LA as far as I know~~~

  3. seat says:

    The wonton and fish ball certainly look good! But it is not HK-style right? They look so different.

  4. Freda says:

    I thought so too, since the wonton and fishball looks so un-HK style, but inside the place they have pictures (bad digital print-out) everywhere showing their restaurant in Mongkok, seems like some old tiny little place. I figure maybe they really made the wonton/fishball themselves in their own recipe or something…^^;;;

  5. yan says:

    the noodle looks sooo good.. make me hungry ^o^

  6. Joan says:

    Hey Yan! Good to see your comment 😀
    You should go try it. I want to know what fellow HKer think of it!