August 25, 2006 2

Elements Kitchen catering

By in 18: Greater LA

Last Saturday I had to go to a shoot for a Mercedes project at an insert stage right next to the Burbank Airport. For lunch there’s catering from a catering service called Elements Kitchen. The Portobello Mushrooms are delicious! Other stuffs are rather bland tasting, especially the chicken breast which is dry and hard (not a fan of chicken breast to begin with). The bread is not fresh baked so it’s hard. Dessert is a huge chocolate cake and as expected it’s nothing to write home about. Oh well, the food served its purpose to fill the film crew’s starving stomach. The Portobello Mushrooms were definitely a pleasant surprise, I would like to try to make that myself!

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2 Responses to “Elements Kitchen catering”

  1. seat says:

    The mushrooms look amazing!! What is the stuffing? Bell pepper?

  2. ban ban says:

    ah very dangerous food for eating. they have conspiracy in there. salty and sweet but not savior.