August 27, 2006 2

Indo Cafe (West LA)

By in 11: West LA

Thankfully I found online menu:
Nasi Kuning: rice cooked in light coconut milk and tumeric topped with fried chicken, rendang, perkedel, sliced omelette and bean chips. Everything on this dish has its own complicated spiced flavor, and half of them are crunchy and deep fried…so I felt that they started to cancel each other out after few bites. Overall tasty but nothing seems to stood out, nor the taste particular memorable…hmm… The dessert is Es Campur: toddy palm jack fruit seasoned fruit, jello topped with crushed ice with raspberry syrup and condensed milk. NICE!
DSC00779.jpgThis Indonesian restaurant is right across another Indo place Simpang Asia. I have to say I prefer Simpang as I had a better impression…despite the food were served on plastic plates. It was unfair comparison as I could only try one dish by myself here. I’d like to try their soup, fish, skewers…etc. with a bigger group of people!

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2 Responses to “Indo Cafe (West LA)”

  1. seat says:

    The plate looks a bit of a mess, at first I thought it was buffet and you took too much at one time, haha. ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    Does look like my usually overtaking messy buffet plate ^^;;