October 22, 2004 1

Caffe Opera and Bistro (Monrovia)

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DSC00679.jpgClearing old pictures again. This is from last month when we went to Old Town Monrovia for movies and shopping. There are many restaurants (such as Devon from past entry) but most only open at night. We just ventured inside Caffe Opera and Bistro because it looked nice and the name sounded good…though the interior/graphic designs seemed a little slick (I have a little biased toward slick-looking design restaurant as they tend to be expensive all-looks-but-empty-inside that are more about ambience and ‘hang-out’, not really about the food)…turns out my biased is quite valid this time 🙁

High ceiling, large windows, lots of nice opera-theme paintings and masks

Crepe with Turkey Ham in Tangerie sauce $8 The sauce is very good, but the Turkey ham are very normal and folded in many layers in a rather pointless way, nor they go specially well with the Crepe and the sauce. The potatos were very good though 😀

Wasn’t so good I think… as I don’t even remember how it taste like and can’t even remember what it is ^^;;;

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One Response to “Caffe Opera and Bistro (Monrovia)”

  1. seat says:

    Well at least the food is not that expensive~ The crepe looks good though.