September 17, 2006 5

Carribean Juice Bar (Maui: Pa’ia)

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DSC01425.jpgThe drinks looked psychedelic in the photo. ^^;; Before we left for airport, we stopped by the lovely Pa’ia one last time. Who knew there’re fresh juice from this Raggae store? Guava and Passion Fruits, the later was too sour, but the former was very sweet very good! This ends our Maui report, back to normal tomorrow!

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5 Responses to “Carribean Juice Bar (Maui: Pa’ia)”

  1. seat says:

    Very fun reading about your trip! Makes me want to travel bad~~~

  2. RP says:

    Freda> Yeah, apparently banks are huge censor of internet usage ~_~ Web-based mails are out of the question, ljs, shopping and anything “entertainment” themed are definite no-nos too. In fact, me and a lunch pal have become addicted to wikipedia and googling eversince we got here (learnt bunch of irrelevant trivial facts;;;).

    Your trip/adventure was a lot of fun to read! Oh and you gals have very nice bodies *thumbs up*

  3. tomoko says:

    yeah, makes it really refreshing to see
    beach photos while being surrounded by
    drab office furniture!!! ^-^

  4. Freda says:

    I just got back and I feel like traveling again! I think Maui in general is a bit lacking in cultural and food varieties ^^;;; Too much golf course and Malibu-ish rich people dominating…I felt like in Malibu or Dana Pointe a lot of times…err…. I want to go to somewhere in South America next time.

    RP can you access to Uncyclopedia too? (the chinese version is funny too, the entry about Jackie Chan is hilarious). I guess banks have a tighter security issues, and also forces employees to be more ‘focused’ haha.

    Yeah Yan and Joan both have nice bodies, I’m so pear-shaped and flabby against them!

  5. RP says:

    Haha! Tried both links, the Chinese one worked the English ver was caught as entertainment. Yeah tighter security needed but those of us who work in the corporate lending/credit side don’t get the point since we don’t handle cash. If they think they can make us more focused just by doing this THEY ARE WRONG.

    Nono all three of you have great bodies!!! I… I am in the process of trying to get back to 20-something-like shape ^^;;;;;;;;;;