September 22, 2006 2

Red Corner Asia (Thai Town)

By in 04: Los Feliz

My favorite Thai eaterie Ruin Pair in Thai Town is remodeling in an indefinite state…T__T So we’re going to its neighbor  Red Corner Asia.
Spicy Raw Shrimp with Lime Juice, the sauce a bit thin or else it would have been very tasty. The shrimp are big~
Tom Yum Noodle is so so. Duck Noodle Soup is delicious! The soup is not as rich as Ruin Pair but still very good.
Went back another night! We got these Giant Shrimp, oh my they were indeed GIANT, almost lobster like~ The creamy sauce is very tasty. Also got the Green Curry, yum! These two meals at Red Corner Asia gave me a much better impression. Big menu, a good, clean, big place always with seats on busy nights.

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2 Responses to “Red Corner Asia (Thai Town)”

  1. seat says:

    Giant shrimp with cream sauce looks really good!

    Yeah as you try more stuff on the menu(repeated visits or go with a large group of people), the dishes that you don’t like become a smaller percentage of your total impression. I often eat alone and can order one dish, so if it is bad then it is 100% bad for me…actually a bit unfair for the restaurant…

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah, especially Asian restaurants, they always have thick 30 pages menu ^^;;; You can’t finish one whole fish youself thus you can never order that by myself. Because i’m aware of this, I tend hold back trying restaurants that would be better with a big group and can only keep going to one-person dining (noodle bowl) ok places. That’s why your gourmet group gives you better experiences.