January 8, 2007 2

Pizzeria Mozza (Highland)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

Still clearing old 2nd (or more) visit posts. Remember Joan wrote about the new sensation in town Mozza awhile ago. Since then whenever we called to make reservation, it’s always ‘the next table available is after midnight’ kind of answer. One day, we just charged in there at 3 o’ clock hoping to get some bar seats. Luckily there were two~
Sparkling Pomegranate and Duck Liver Bruschetta (very rich and heavy, good!)
Joan ordered the same pizza, while I tried this Egg, Guanciale (salted pork cheek), radicchio and Bagna Cauda (anchovy spread). I LOVE It! It came in un-sliced to preserve the egg yolk from running all over. After the initial presentation we still asked them to cut for us ^^;;. So many flavors and it might get salty after more bites.
Can’t help for a picture of the nice semi-raw egg! ^^b The photo I took of the interior was a MIRACLE…half empty!? It is possible afterall! The time was 4:15pm in the afternoon and still there were new customers came in nonstop.

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2 Responses to “Pizzeria Mozza (Highland)”

  1. seat says:

    Cute shape with little corners sticking out.
    I LOVE pizza with a raw egg~
    It is great that they open all day that you can go at weird hours and avoid the crowd.

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah, sometimes when we had a late movie or something, when it’s almost midnight and we were hungry, we’d always joke about coming here (‘surely they’d have seats now?’ ^^;) But since it’s near the LA’s quintessential hang out area, it’d be probably even more busy at that hour. My colleagues from NY heard of this place too, because it’s opened by famous chef Mario Batali who owns lots of popular italian pizzeria/restaurants in Manhattan. He’s like, “LA finally got the first taste of what we New Yorkers have.” ^^;;