Wisteria (ウイステリ@京橋)

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0915 010.jpgカボチャスープ、仔羊のソテー ヘーゼルナッツと香草風味、ピーマンのムースとサラダ、コーヒー。
Pumpkin soup, Lamb Saute Nuts and Herb Flavour, Red pepper mousse and salad.

5 thoughts on “Wisteria (ウイステリ@京橋)

  1. The lamb was only so-so, very greasy and that particular lamb smell was very strong, but the meat was soft. The portion was quite small too, the salad was really that size. That’s why I didn’t say it was good. ^^;;;

    That building is Tokyo International Forum, I just had lunch near there again today. Nice to be able to look outside a window when you eat alone~~~

  2. not really related to food. . . but seat, where do you live in tokyo? and are you working or studying there? are you a designer too? just wondering about life for asian living in another asia country. i was going to live in japan with my boyfriend for a year just for experience. . . do you like your life there. i have couple friends who went to work in japan for a year or two, none of them liked it there. so i am wondering how do you feel about your living situation. . .

  3. Oh oh private questions I’d better not answer here…ask Joan or Freda they will tell you. ^^;;;

    Life in Japan can be tough if you don’t speak the language – it certainly wasn’t easy for me at first. It will probably take more than one year before you get used to the lifestyle and make local friends and start to enjoy living here.

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