Vinpicoeur Marunouchi (ヴァンピックル 丸の内)

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Weekend lunch course: smoked salmon, pumpkin soup, roasted Yoshida pork sparerib. Very good!
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ガレット サーモンとじゃがいも、サラダとスープ付きで、1050円。フォアグラ丼、サラダ付き、1280円。
From another visit. Galettes salmon and potato(1050yen), foie gras rice bowl(1280yen).
Vinpicoeur Marunouchi

4 thoughts on “Vinpicoeur Marunouchi (ヴァンピックル 丸の内)

  1. Today I went out with 2 ML members for lunch, then we attended a piano concert in which one other member of the ML is performing, and then dinner as well.

  2. The salmon and pumpkin soup looks good! Not a big fan of pork but I’m sure it can taste good if made right.

    How was the piano concert? Was it an expensive one where you have to kinda dress up a bit?

  3. I notice you get pumpkin soup again (within the same week?), do you like it a lot? Is that a giant pig back there? ^^;; What’s the bar area for? (seems like the chef is preparing something there), or was it just an open kitchen?

    How’s the piano concert?

  4. The piano concert was free! The ML member who was performing gave us the tickets for free. But it was not a professional concert so I just wore jeans. ^^;;;

    Oh the pumpkin soup came with the course and I didn’t have a choice!! Lunch course soup is always potato or pumpkin soup, very boring.

    Yeah, that is one fat pig there! ^^;;;; That restaurant is famous for pork apparently.

    That open space is the kitchen I think! You see the glass window there?

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