Restaurant MIYAHARA (レストラン ミヤハラ)

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3500yen lunch. Scallop and salmon millefeuille, tomato soup, lamb stew and tea creme brulee. I like the grilled vegetables on the side and the dessert.
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1575yen lunch. Salad, duck confit, passion fruit sorbet and coffee.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant MIYAHARA (レストラン ミヤハラ)

  1. wow, everything look so good!!!! and the outside looks nice too. it’s being a while since i have french food. i being eating a lot of japanese and spanish lately. . .

  2. the salmon millefeuille looks really good. and the outside looks cozy too. what wine did you order?

  3. *O* everything looks soooooooo good~~ especially the salmon millefeuille, even the Tomato Soup!!! The fruit baskets menu board area looks like the place is very pretty French country style~

  4. It is a very small cozy restaurant – actually our table was half-way outside the front porch. This restaurant grows their own vegetables, so very fresh and yummy! Oh it was lunch time so we just ordered glass wine(from the house).

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