Franziskaner Bar & Grill (フランツィスカーナー バー&グリル)

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0925 086.jpgアップル コルン(ドイツの小麦焼酎”ヴァイツェンコルン”に林檎の果汁を加えたお酒。ビールに沈めて飲む「サブマリンスタイル」で。)
Apfel Korn(German liqueur with apple juice in the small glass, which you dip into a bigger glass of beer)
Franziskaner Bar & Grill

4 thoughts on “Franziskaner Bar & Grill (フランツィスカーナー バー&グリル)

  1. Cute stain glass! Interior looks bright for a bar (sick of American bar and restaurant always too dark). Though I don’t understand, wouldn’t the small glass fell out when you drink the bigger glass?

  2. It was fine! It won’t fall out. And the liqueur is supposed to be slowly mixed with the beer while you drink. It was nice!

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