4 thoughts on “おかずや 平句凡帳

  1. everything looks so nice. i just had japanese food for lunch yesterday, and it was so bad!!! i just want simple dish with light taste. . . i guess that’s too much to ask here. the store interior looks really warm and cozy. i like that bamboo basket, what was it for?

  2. The basket is for rice! ^^;;;

    I know!! Look at that fish!! It is tiny!!

    “Oazo” is a newly opened building with lots of restaurants and shops in the central commercial district near Tokyo station(and the Imperial Palace). It is such a hype that there were queues outside most of the restaurants; No way I am going to queue so I went to the one that was unpopular and no queue. Turned out it was expensive and I came out with a half-filled stomach.

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