Canoviano Dolce (カノビアーノ・ドルチェ) CLOSED

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1003 033.jpg ☆マンゴーのソルベ・白ワインジュレ・パイナップルチップ☆シナモン風味の牛乳リゾット・イチジク☆焼き栗カボチャスープにチョコレートのゼリー。2100円のコース。紅茶は別注文、1000円ぐらい。
Mango sorbet, white wine jelly, pineapple chips. Cinnamon milk risotto, fig and some fruit I dunno the name. Pumpkin soup, chocolate and marron something.

5 thoughts on “Canoviano Dolce (カノビアーノ・ドルチェ) CLOSED

  1. Wow look so exotic (as in design and decorate not like regular dessert) and sounds so unpredictable. Cinnamon milk risotto, would that taste like choco rice pudding? The first one would be my choice thought there’s pineapple chips (I don’t like pineapple in a sweet dessert).

  2. All sound sooo good! And very beautifully designed.
    I think if I had to make the choice I would get the pumpkin choco one just to be safe ^^;;

  3. Oh it is a spin-off dessert-only place of a high-class Italian restaurant in 代官山. I went with the gourmet ML fellows and we ordered full course desserts, where you get two small “appetizer” desserts that are decided by the chef(the pineapple one and the milk risotto one), and then you can choose one “main” dessert from the menu. The course is about US$20 and not including drinks. I also like the main dessert I chose, even though the pumpkin soup tastes normal but the chocolate has marron taste in it and it is crispy, and the chocolate balls inside the soup were really chewy like bubble gum, very nice too. Next time I go again, I will skip the course and just order the main dessert with ingredients I like. Each main dessert is like $12, so it is more worth it than ordering a course. We all ordered different things and they were really beautiful too~~~ We passed around and let everyone tried. Oh I didn’t like the milk risotto that much, yeah it tastes like choco rice pudding…^^;;

  4. wow luxury dessert place! *0* Do everyone get different “chef’s decision” ones or it’s the same for everybody who orders course on that day? Yeah it’s waste $ if the chef one is made of ingredients you don’t like, but it’s always good to be adventurous for the first time 😀

  5. Some have overlapped but there were quite a few different kinds of chef-selected “appetizer” desserts. I don’t mind being adventurous at all usually, but seeing other people getting really delicious ones and yours is not what you like then you get a little grumpy. ^^;;;;

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