Vinpicoeur Marunouchi (ヴァンピックル 丸の内)

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Foie Gras rice bowl with hotspring egg. It is very good! Only available at Monday lunch time.
Vinpicoeur Marunouchi

7 thoughts on “Vinpicoeur Marunouchi (ヴァンピックル 丸の内)

  1. @_@ i am in awe of the beautiful and yammy food you eat everyday. . . so envy . . .

  2. Yeah, it is really yummy!! Great thing is that they grill the foie gras after you order it so it smells wonderful. But the bowl is actually quite small so it isn’t as much as it looks from the photo. But still, there are two solid slices of fresh foie gras and it is only 1280yen!! I am definitely going back there and eat it again!

  3. Yeah I think it gets sold out fast. I went there BEFORE the busiest lunch hour, rare for me to wake up so early!

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