5 thoughts on “KANCHANA

  1. You know I upload so many photos everyday and I am a bit worried if I will use up your memory space very soon…so try to reduce the pic size. How much space have you got left?

    Sri Lanka curry is not so oily and heavy compared to Indian curry so in that sense it is quite good, but of course the spiciness is nowhere near the real thing. I got the hottest one and still it was nothing. ^^;;;

  2. Right now the website space is 10% used, so still alot of space left But I made my pic size a bit smaller from now on just in case ^^;; If you know anybody who wants to sign up a web host ask me, if I refer someone (even for their free-package) I get free extra 100MB!

  3. Oh already 10% used…? ^^;;; We have only started for 2 months though…that means one and a half year more if we put up large files…yeah I am going to reduce my pic size from now on too. ^^;;

    Is the web host/package in English?? Hard to find someone who wants to use English site…

  4. the blog seems really fun!!! i want to start one too. but before i get too excited, i should ask you guys how it’s done. plus i have mega firewall at the office… don’t know if that’s going to be a problem at the office.

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