DALLOYAU (ダロワイヨ)

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1027 003.jpgサーモンのキッシュ、ビーフストロガノフサフランライス添え、クリームチーズとリンゴケーキ。1800円。
Beef Stroganoff and Safrane rice.

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プリンパン。 Bread pudding from the bakery.

12 thoughts on “DALLOYAU (ダロワイヨ)

  1. very interesting. . . i hope they are still around somewhere deep in the forest. it’s nice to know that we are not alone!!

  2. Yeah the front of the restaurant looks very nice~
    hahaha~~~ little people~
    See exactly, there’s a consensus across different culture with mythologies about little people (and giants, AND dragons!) that makes you wonder where they came from, there must be some kind of bases that were lost to modern history.

    btw normally I don’t like fantasy stories/fairytales about little people though (small like the little elves/sprite/Gnomes, Hobbit is borderline ok). hence I don’t like Smurfs, Dobby, etc. I’d just avoid all stories about them (though now when I actually read Hans Christian Andersen’s “Thumbelina” it was…not bad at all ^^;;) Though I do liked this Japanese cartoon I watched when I was young in HK about this purple hair little fairy girl thingy…^^;;;

  3. Since I never really read any fairy tales(typical HK kid ^^;;) so have no idea what Smurfs/sprite/Gnomes are…What? Hobbits is “bordeline ok” for you?? ^^;;;; Well I wasn’t particularly fond of them in “The Hobbit”…but I like their attitude towards life, i.e. layback and indulgent in anything pleasurable. ^^;;;

  4. Human is still the best 😀
    Smurf is those little blue people in an American Cartoon ^^;;; Have you ever seen it when you’re little? I used to hate it so much whenever the TV show it (they keep reruns it over and over again). Now that I see them I think they’re pretty cute!

    It’s funny that My dad read the same news and came in told us “do you know they find hobbits?!” ^^;;

  5. Gnomes are those little tiny people with white beard and red hat (remember in Amelie, the Gnomes in the photo around the world?). There’s also Leprechaun…the Irish kind. I just find these little people quite scary, they’re not cuddly cute looking you know, they’re like dwarves with ojisan’s face and hairy, and they laughing in weird high-pitch voice…sneak into your room at night hide under bed, steal your things or whatever. Even if they have cuddly cute face, it’s still weird because they’re so small as if you can squished them so easily, so vulnerable and delicate but they’re in “human-form” just like youserlf you know. Squishing a huge spider with warm big belly is far more gross than a tiny one ….imagine a human being squish like that ^^;;; My fear is totally irrational ^^;;;;; but just so happen it is a popular “genre” of fantasy in children’s stories, the “little people genre” ^^;; Things that small can only be little lifeless miniatures, it can’t be something that talks, think and move. Plus most “little people” stories plot has to do with “wow how small they are” that’s not so interesting in my opinion ^^;;;

  6. I only remember watching a cartoon called 藍精霊 with little blue people, it wasn’t very fun. ^^;;;;

    Haha, it is a bit hard even for you to squish a 3-feet tiny guy. ^^;;;

  7. The notion of accidently stepping or sitting on little people always clouded at the back of my mind ^^;;;; their little bones will crush and….gosh…^^;;;

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