El Chateo (エル・チャテオ)

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1028 007.jpg焼き茄子とアンチョビのマリネ、サーモンとキノコのバター焼き、コーヒー付いて1260円。
Marinated aubergine and anchovy, grilled salmon and mushroom in butter sauce. Not bad.

3 thoughts on “El Chateo (エル・チャテオ)

  1. wow the bread is big size (in JP standard).
    You know I remembered the Italian place you took me to lunch at Daikaiyama, when the server brought a basket of bread, I was expecting her to just put the basket down on our table (since that’s the quantity you get in all the restaurant here). Instead, I was surprisd that we’re just choose ONE little bread out of the basket…^^;;;;;

  2. Aubergine is eggplant…eggplant just sounds funny. ^^;;;

    Yeah restaurants are stingy with their bread here(and butter too). So I only re-visit restaurants that serve warm bread and let you have as much as you want, with butter or olive oil.

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