Restaurant Kinoshita (レストランキノシタ)

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前菜: 鶏のムース ラタトゥユとポーチエッグを包んだバジルソース
Chicken mousse, with Ratatouille and poached egg stuffed inside, Basil sauce.
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メイン: 岩手県産プラチナポーク肩ロースのソテー、じゃがいものピュレを添えて、酸味と甘味のある白ワインソース
デザート1: アップルティーのクレームキャラメルとはちみつアイス添え
Pork saute, potato puree, white wine sauce
Apple tea creme caramel, honey ice-cream
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1102 026.jpgデザート2: モンブランクレープ包み。デザート3: 温製いちじくのロースト パルサミコソースバニラアイス(これが一番好き)。ハーブティー。ランチコースは1900円。
Mont Blanc crepe. Roasted fig, vanilla ice-cream.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Kinoshita (レストランキノシタ)

  1. ahhh looks soooo delicious!!
    The chicken Mousse definitely look the best. Meat seems good too. As for desert, the roasted fig one seems the best!

  2. Everyone had the same appetizer and main, but we had 3 different desserts to share. I like the roasted fig one the most too, it is warm and with some sweet sauce and ice-cream, very very nice!! Oh I went with a HK friend and her Singaporean friend. We were sitting in the big table in the middle and my friend and I were taking pictures non-stop and of course we were speaking in English and all…^^;;


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