Pothot (ポポット@学芸大学)

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Very good galette and crepe! 2000yen lunch course. Ham, cheese, apple, celery and grape salad. Egg, cheese, merguez and mushroom galette. Butter and sugar and jam crepe. Pear and chocolate crepe(separate order). Cidre and coffee included.

13 thoughts on “Pothot (ポポット@学芸大学)

  1. ポポット、好きですー!!

  2. The place looks soooo cute, looks “authentic” because it’s not clean and neat ^^;; The crepe looks soooooo good (the topper one).

  3. かなり満足でした!

  4. It was the best crepe I have had so far! The sausage one is very nice. And surprising butter and sugar alone is simple but very nice too.

  5. Sounds like a culinary school?? There’s a rather famous (?) culinary school I know that have a cafe where you can have very cheap gourmet food, cooked by the students of course…^^;;

  6. Oh no no, it is just the name of the train station, probably named after the university nearby. The cake shop and the crepe place have nothing to do with the university. (^^;;)

  7. Ooops~~~I always upload on the same day – if I leave it, I will have no motivation to upload anymore. You should put yours in your homepage too – “cross review” ma. I want to see how yours turn out!

  8. I like to put up some of them, but need time~that’s the bad about a homepage but not a blog~~

    can I ask you a question~~
    when I reduce the picture size to upload, they’d always look distorted a little,
    how d’you manage to have them still so clear?

  9. Did you maintain the proportion of the picture? When you choose a smaller width, the height should be calculated proportionally. There must be a checkbox or option to do that for you.

  10. i solve the probelm, find out there is anyway to minimize the size but possible to keep the quality~~
    spend a lot of time to try~~computer is not my friend~~but it’s good to sort out at sort

    so i posted the picture on diary la~~

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