Le Dessin (ル・デッサン@牛込柳町)

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Salmon and vegetables wrapped in reddish, with salmon mousse. Very good.
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Lamb chop with rice ball, it is only okay cos the rice is a bit soggy.

1106 054.jpgキャラメル、マンゴ、ヨーグルトのアイス。チョコケーキとプルーン。
Caramel, mango and yogurt ice-cream, with choco cake and prunes. Lunch is about 2500yen.

7 thoughts on “Le Dessin (ル・デッサン@牛込柳町)

  1. The lamb looks good anyway, so raw~ The Salmon roll and mousse seemed sooooo good!!!! *___* 2500 for the entire course is so cheap~~

  2. Hey of all the Japanese fashion magazine I occasionally get (ex: SPUR, Vogue, Madame Figaro), there are always restaurant guide and the ones they show all seem very nice, I wonder if you’ve been to those before (probably some)?

  3. The salmon thing looks like Vietnamese spring roll, it is just too good. 2500yen for lunch is quite standard though, and the location of this place is not so convenient…takes a long tiring train ride there(I went with Yuka so not too bad). And the portion is very small as you can see, I got so hungry by 5pm that I had to have a burger for dinner! ^^;;; Oh I am not a fan of hamburger but that burger place went on a TV show~~~ the beef is so juicy and doesn’t have the particular hamburger beef smell that I don’t like.

    Oh I don’t buy those magazines~~If you see any restaurant that seems good, can you give me the name of the place?

  4. Let me see…there’s a book of 51 best Italian restaurant in Tokyo from Vogue, most of them looks really good. ex(seems best to me based on pix): Acca, Aroma Classico, Ristorante Le Acacie, Ristorante Hamasaki. From other mag, some small owned bussiness ones, ex: Kitchen, il giotto, la pineta. (ok I’m drooling and getting hungry now XO).

  5. Oh thanks!! I have only heard of Ristorante Hamasaki but have never been. The others I never heard before. I will check the Japanese names and try them out later.

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