Papaya Leaf (パパイヤリーフ)

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1114 017.jpg蒸鶏入りスパイシーココナッツスープのタイ風汁麺、1000円。
Thai noodles with steamed chicken in coconut soup, not bad.

6 thoughts on “Papaya Leaf (パパイヤリーフ)

  1. Wow the place looks pretty~ Seems like a lot of food, whole bowl of noodle and a bowl of rice with miced meat. The different little dishes is more like Japanese serving style than Thai ^^;;

  2. Japanese is the only place I know that serves noodles AND rice in the same meal set…carbohydrates overloaded!! Although my stomach is used to it, the idea still amazes me…like yakisoba bun. ^^;;;

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