6 thoughts on “あづま (Azuma)

  1. Hey so everything you ate this week is yummy!? I’m not having luck this week, eating crappy stuffs everyday (too busy). 🙁

  2. I am really busy too(I thought I was all cool and not stressed but I am having nightmare every night~~~which is a bad sign~~~) but luckily it is convenient for me go eat in nice places and I can take a break meanwhile. Must be hard to have to drive to eat out~~~

  3. I definitely eat crap this week. This place I’m working now, they order take-out lunch for us, and they always order from crappy cheap places…American sandwich, burgers, cheap italian~~ XP

  4. But then…the projects in this place is so much more fun~~ I get to animate really cool looking animation, and design a club interior for Barbie”s new line dolls (not traditional barbie, but more hip and fashion line). \^_^/ Projects in IF got boring and chessy with always film stuff, and I get paid much more here. But IF definitelly have the advantage of driving. This place is too far~ I spend more than 3 hours (back and forth) everyday in car now…so stressful, so much traffic.

  5. 3 hours is really too much~~~and it is not like you can do anything else when you are driving other than listening to music~~~

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