Il Leone@Shinagawa (リストランテ イル レ オ ー ネ@品川)

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Assorted antipasta.
Risotto with Porcini and foie gras – it is good~
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あんこうの軽いトマト煮 バジリコ風味、アンデイーブのパンチェッタ巻きグラタンとブロッコリーのペペロンチーノ。
Sea urchin cream spaghetti.
Angler fish in tomato stew, antichoke bacon roll.
Both are good!
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Lamb, chicken with herb, beef red wine stew.
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3 thoughts on “Il Leone@Shinagawa (リストランテ イル レ オ ー ネ@品川)

  1. Rare to see Italian food on your blog~
    OH my god the food does looks AWESOME! Is it for a party or? how come so many “courses” and dishes ^^;;; The cakes all look soooo heavenly, especially they’re in smaller pieces that you can try them all. What is the green coated one?
    Do you like red or white wine more?
    So how much is total…

  2. Yeah, it is a party. Many courses but the portion is small, so not that stuffed actually. The green one is ice-cream with nuts inside. I like red wine more. It is very expensive if you go by yourself but I got some special “connections” so it isn’t bad, about eighty dollars including wine; you know the PM of Japan goes there to eat…so v. gd price indeed.

  3. $80 including wine is such a BARGAIN~~ *0*
    Haha ‘connection’, you’ve become more and more elite gaining special access and privilege~

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