Margaux@Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

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Seared duck foie gras with red berries and port sauce.
Escalope of salmon with lobster jus reduction and chanterelle.

1220 043.jpgショコラケーキ、レモンソース。
Soft centered extra dark chocolate cake with sea salt lemon sauce.

5 thoughts on “Margaux@Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

  1. Haha back to French finally? ^^;; The dish are so decorated so pretty~ Everything looks so delicious and beautiful. Gosh so damn cheap too!

  2. Is it really that cheap??? It is the similar price as in Japan so in HK standard it is probably expensive lo. The lunch course(without wine) is about US$35. The bread is so-so(bread in HK is no good anyway), the foie gras was very good, but maybe the ones I had in Japan tasted stronger and nicer, the salmon was great, especially the veggy below it was very yummy because it was soaked in lobster sauce. I went with two of my friends whom recommended this restaurant, and I did the unspeakable – hit a glass of water with the menu and it toppled onto my friend….^^;;;; Luckily it was just water….and I was so shocked that I dropped my camera on the floor….again luckily it didn’t break…^^;;;; I wasn’t nervous or anything…dunno why.

  3. OMG that’s funny, hahaha your brain hasn’t adjust well to HK’s noise frequency hence you’re a bit more unbalance than usual ^^;;; So your friends all know you’re into french food.

  4. Oh I brought my friends to French not Japanese when they came to visit me in Tokyo!! ^^;;;; So funny, the girl whom I spilled water to, went back to this restaurant the next day to have the foie gras because she had a piece of mine and she couldn’t take it out of her mind. ^^;;;;;;; But that foie gras has three options for the sauce and I am very tempted to try the other two……

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