Grappa’s Ristorante@金鐘

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チキン、ポルチーニとローズマリーソース。Boneless breast of chicken with porcini & rosemary gravy.
マンゴパイ。Mango on puff pastry.

5 thoughts on “Grappa’s Ristorante@金鐘

  1. most of the entry from HK are always ‘so-so’, “plain/normal’…haha ^^;;;What happened to HK’s “gourmet paradise” fame?

  2. Seat will you eat dim sum for at least once while you’re still there or you’re too tired of it?

  3. btw do you know this Japanese chain restaurant “Umenohana”? It opened a branch at Beverly Hills…ha~

  4. I know!! What happened to the food in HK?!! It is true that I sometimes just try out restaurants that are nearby and convenient, but in many cases even though they are friends/magazines/internet’s recommendation, they could still be bad/so-so. Out of 30 entries so far, I’ve counted, only 8 I can call good!! The chance of getting good food is so slim!! And some of them are bad AND expensive…I am deeply disappointed to be honest. Brought my computer here to introduce good food in HK, end up bitching about it all the time…how ironic. Maybe I should stick to chinese food since other cuisines like Italian/French are still not very refined here. And I need to choose the restaurants more carefully from now onwards. The ideal gourmet paradise would be: randomly hopping into any restaurant and it would taste good…but that is impossible even in Tokyo.

  5. Oh I know 梅の花, I have tried the “Oriental Dining Umenohana” before. It was tofu-based cooking and I liked it even though the taste was v. mild. The lunch course I had was about 2000yen. If it is not too expensive in the L.A. branch maybe you can try – your mum will probably like it since it is practically vegetarian.

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