Glace@Wellington Street, Central

0107 035.jpgTop: Rose Champagne cake(best one). Classic Black Forest.
Middle: Louvre – Macadamia Nuts Cheesecake.
Bottom: First Kiss – Cranberry yogurt. Soya White – Silky tofu(v. mild and nice too).

0106 022.jpg洋梨とヨーグルトのムース、$33。モンブラン、$28。ウロン茶と鉄観音のムース、$33。
Ragus Pear and Yogurt mousse. Mont Marron. Tempest – In a teacup(Chinese tea mousse, best one).

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  1. Finally dare to look at the computer now. I did the laser operation to cure my short-sightedness the day before yesterday, now my eyes are still red and need to take eye-drop and get tired very quickly(I am typing with my eyes closed ^^;), but I am mostly fine. No more glasses and contacts~~~yeah~~~ I am staying in HK for 2 more weeks because I need to go back to the doctor and get my eyes checked. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and look into the mirror and can see my tousled hair and grime around my eyes so clearly…^^;;;; The outcome is great but I did go through a lot!! I had quite nasty angry arguments with the doctor – he told me to stop wearing contact lens 1 week before the operation and I did just that, and minutes before the operation I found out from a piece of information sheet, which the nurse handed me, that for soft lens, 1 week is enough, but if you wear hard lens, you need to stop wearing contacts for 3 weeks, and I have been wearing hard lens for years! The doctor never asked me if I wear soft or hard, yet he insisted, in not quite pleasant attitude, that he did ask me that question and I had told him
    that I wear soft – which is ridiculous, how could I possibly have said that? So after very unhappy arguments, the operation was cancelled, and I had to wait for 2 more weeks, and did all the tiresome eye-check, eye-scan procedure all over again, plus all the worrying, not only on the operation itself, but the doctor’s credibility as well. All my friends and my sister told me not to trust the doctor and find another one, but my mom insisted on this one because he did the same operation for my youngest sister and it was fine. I mean, he never told me anything about the operation, like how it is done, what are the steps, what my part is – I read up about it myself but, the actual procedures, like do I do
    both eyes at once, or one by one? Or is it going to be painful etc. So I was quite clueless about the whole thing. Anyway, all things added up and I was really really scared before the operation – so scared that I started to feel cold and shivered and trembled non-stop, and he was late and I had to wait in absolute fright for an hour. Even the nurses were worried about me cos I probably looked terrified. And even after the operation started, I was scared shitless because he told me to focus on a red light, but it is an easy thing to do normally, when you are scared, as
    simple as focussing your eyes becomes immensely difficult. Besides, my eyes are pulled wide open and tears kept coming out because of the bright light, and initially the red dot was a red dot, but after they did things to my eye, the red dot became a big patch of blurry red, and I panicked not knowing where exactly I should look. ^^;;;;; I tried as hard as I could, but I felt that my eyes were moving, and I panicked some more and lost my focus a few times. It was an absolute nightmare~~~~ But after the operation was finished, the doctor said I held my focus very very well, even though my body was obviously trembling….^^;; I wish he had spent a few mintues to talk to me and make me more prepared mentally!! I mean, in retrospect, it was a very simple operation I think – only 10 minutes – yet because I was so ill-informed, and fear for the unknown is so much more unbearable than fear for the operation itself. My sister didn’t seem to have a problem with him though, maybe I am the one who doesn’t fit into the HK health-care style where there is zero communication between doctors and patients. But I have to say, no matter how skilled that doctor is, I will never trust him because he seems to be an arrogant, money-minded, think patients are dead cold fish
    who have no rights to know anything yet need to pay him a huge sum of money for his expertise, kinda doctor. Phew, have been bitching about him for weeks but that never stop me bitching some more!! ^^;;;; But having said that, I am glad I did it, cos not having to wear glasses is so nice~~~~ Make sure you find a good doctor before you consider it though!

  2. OH my that sounded like a terrible TERRIBLE ordeal ^^;;;; (but a thrilling read haha). The most torturous part seems to be when the doctor was late (how dare he!?) and made you wait for an hour before the operation! So the procedure is not painful at all? Don’t feel a thing at all? How long will it take for your eye to complete recover and function normally?

    AHHHHH SO ENVIOUS!!! No more contact lens and glasses~ So after the correction is it possible to develop near sightness (or long sightness later) again?

    Since you’re staying, maybe you should stay just a bit longer for Chinese New Year? ^^;;;

  3. The operation wasn’t painful, only some pressure at the beginning when the doctor pressed an instrument onto my eyes to cut open the cornea(which was not painful), and then just laser sections, when there was some burnt smell(probably my lens…), and lots of eye-drops and that was it. I felt irritation but not pain lor. After the operation my eyes were watering non-stop for a few hours, and then I felt irritations as if some eyelashes have gotten into my eyes, but that also ceased the next day. I can see pretty clearly the next day, just a bit blurry when I try to read, now I think I can see more than 90%, only that the scar on the cornea is not completely healed so still need to take eye-drops. Also I need to wear a mask to sleep for 2 weeks in case I hurt my eyes when I am asleep. 100% recovery is 3-5 weeks, and during that time I need to be careful not getting shampoo into my eyes and stuff. It is possible to get short/long-sightedness again, but apparently you won’t get that much(for grown adults), but the nurse said it is better not to stare into the computer screen/book pages for hours non-stop. Just take a few minutes once in an hour is good enough. Why you guys can’t do this operation?? Did the doctor say your cornea is too thin or??

    No way I will stay for CNY~~~I will have to delay my flight for one more month!! ^^;;; I feel so guilty for taking such a long holiday that last night I dreamt that my supervisor was very very angry with me and HE started crying saying that I had been away for too long….how bizarre….^^;;;;

  4. yeah our Corina is too thin, we had that checked before. So we can never have the sugery done 🙁

  5. Oh gosh… that operation sounds so scary!!! (Am terrified of anything solid/cutting touching my eyes in general, so if I do wear glasses I’ll not wear contact/will never consider doing a laser surgery unless the other option is going blind)

    I really admire your courage to suffer something like this through even when ill-informed and basically not trusting the doctor!! I would’ve totally just left…

    Oh the desserts seem really nice! Seems like HK people are very creative with food ^^

  6. This kind of operation is super common in HK probably because HK people generally have bad eye-sight for some reason – too much studying and computer games maybe? Almost all my friends here wear glasses/contacts. I got used to wearing contacts already but when I don’t have enough sleep and my eyes are tired, putting on contacts is a pain.

    Letting a doctor whom I don’t trust to do operation for me is simply plain stupidity…^^;;;

  7. wow, that was really scary. my parents have being nagging me to get this operation for many years now. and from what i heard, (i am wearing hard lense too) you need to be wearing your glasses for 6 wks?!!! errr, maybe HK’s tech. is better? so only 3wks. . . but it sure is nice to see clear without having to deal with all the contact solution and other stuff. . . somehow, your horrify story give the courage to get the operation done. i mean, if you went through hell and it turned out okay, i guess there is nothing to be afraid of then. . .

  8. I also heard that in US you need to wait a few more weeks wearing glasses before you can do the operation. But I checked my eye-sight after just one week, and then I waited two more weeks and checked again, my eye conditions were almost exactly the same in both cases, so I didn’t have to wait that long actually, but just to be absolutely safe. US’s technology must be as good or even better than HK I am sure!! I went through a lot mainly because my doctor’s character wasn’t exactly nice and I am a very paranoid person, so like I said, as long as you find a good doctor who would talk to you, it should be fine.

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