forchetta@Whampoa Garden (CLOSED)

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ランチコース: ワイルドマッシュルームスープ。羊のロースト、ローズマリーとブラックオリーブソース。コーヒーついて、HK$88。
Wild mushroom soup, baked rack of lamb with rosemary and black olive.
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Sheet pasta with goose liver in black truffle cream sauce.
Risotto in Porcini mushroom cream sauce.
Quite nice considering this restaurant always seems to be empty…

7 thoughts on “forchetta@Whampoa Garden (CLOSED)

  1. the bottle of olive oil with grape blow glass is so cute. sheet pasta with goose liver is nice too. the black truffle truffle sauce must smell wonderful.

  2. wow empty but classy~
    Wow never had ‘sheet pasta’ before, seem heavy and stuffy ^^;; For me the rack of lamb seem most tempting (ha I always favor lamb over everything else)

  3. My mom had the lunch course with roasted lamb, I had the foie gras pasta(what else? ^^;;) and my sister had that risotto. The area I live in is famous for having very bad restaurants – even some restaurants in other areas that were originally good and famous, once they moved to or opened a new branch in my area, the taste would degrade for some reason. So we were very suspicous about this one…since no one recommended it ever, but turned out to be very good. My sister said that is because we didn’t have high expectation…^^;;

  4. I live in Whampoa Garden. You know HK is so small, you can go anywhere you want very quickly, so basically Tsim Sha Tsui, Central etc are all my hang-out places~~

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