La Bouteille@Central

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ムラサキイガイ。Mussel with Chorizo.
ピーマンサラダとマッシュルームタルト。Mixed Green Salad with Mushroom Tarte and Bell Pepper.
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フォアグラのポワレ。Pan fried foie gras with cherry sauce.
鴨胸肉、マッシュルームソース。Baby duck breast with mushroom sauce and spinach ravioli.
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チョコレートケーキ。Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream.
The dinner course includes 3 appetizers – the foie gras is particularly nice. The rest is okay-nice. It is not a proper restaurant but a private place where you need to phone and book in advance.
Add: 10/F, Pinocine Building, 80-82 Queen’s Road, Central.
Tel: 91217921

6 thoughts on “La Bouteille@Central

  1. WOW wanna try everything *O* what’s the first dish? even though it’s all appertizers, it looked might get…a bit full? ^^;;

  2. The 3 appetizers are mussels, bell pepper and foie gras, the main is the duck breast lor~~~I didn’t get that full cos each dish was small. The first one is salmon spread on bread.

    Back to Japan now~~~

  3. My return ticket was actually on the 10th but because I needed to do eye check-up so I delayed til 21st. In fact, my ticket was discount ticket so couldn’t change the date, and ah-bing got another ticket for me using her mileage points…^^;;;;

    I think I miss my family the most, and the warm weather of course – it is freezing here!!!!

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