6 thoughts on “貝料理はまぐり (Kairyouri Hamaguri)

  1. wowow eat immediately once you go back to Japan huh! ^^;;
    The oyster…..ahhhhh I wanna eat them too! How’s it different with the seaweed yaki?

  2. my god…oyster…oyster…and mixed sashimi!!! (strange that you’d care for dumpling when there’re so many sashimi in front of you ^^lll) Wow 8000 yen per person, luxury~~

  3. Oh the soaked seaweed gets heated up and its seaweed taste will go into the oyster lor. It is very nice la. The sashimi is very yummy too~~~ The scallop is so sweet!! The dumplings are not pork ones, but clam ones, so thought we would try try, very good too! It was the gourmet ML gathering la~~~Actually every dish is shared between only 3 people(another 3 members have the same thing on their table), and the grilled clams at the end is for 1 person. So it is quite a lot of food, and turned out quite expensive lor. Seafood is expensive in Japan anyway. But you can get this kind of food in HK la~~~~

    Oh my, I use a lot of la~~~ lor~~~~nowadays….^^;;;

  4. is it because you just went back to HK and speak Cantonese more than you usually do? ^^;;

  5. Such a dilemma, when I went back to HK, I had difficulty explaining things in Cantonese in the first week, then it all came back to me gradually, and now I have come back to Japan and have difficult explaining things in Japanese…

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