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メカジキとキャベツのアンチョビオイルソース。Spearfish and cabbage with anchovy oil.
ベーコンとトレビスのクリームリゾット。Risotto with bacon and treviso.

0205 054.jpgコーヒーついて1300円。

4 thoughts on “FERTILE@お台場

  1. Went with tomoko – she is the pink lady in the picture. ^^;;;;; She had the risotto and I had the pasta. There were little dogs(who barked loudly all the way through btw) and there were babies, there were sunshine and the sea nearby, if it wasn’t so cold and I wasn’t so sleepy and having a huge headache, it would have been a fantastic afternoon. We went to see “Finding Neverland” in the MORNING, and everyone in the cinema was crying(not that many people though), which probably contributed to my headache. But Johnny Depp was just too cute, and the story was sad, even though I abhor sappy film, I liked it. The kids were fantastic too.

  2. Tomoko in pink? ^o^! What’s that orange area? so unmatch with the rest of the environment.
    For Finding Neverland I’m gonna wait for DVD. Really it’s that sad!? ^^;; btw I’m liking Fele Mart

  3. The place is hip and upscale looking~ Seem more like a lounge than real restaurant…maybe that’s why the small portion? ^^;; I also heard that JD in “Finding Neverland” is dangerously close to pedophilic, is that true? ^^;;;;

  4. The restaurant colour was red+black…supposed to be New York style cafe lounge…kinda elaborate homepage linked above.

    Can’t wait til Bad Education comes out! It is always so slow in Japan!

    Actually…I was thinking about how Johnny Depp seemed a bit dodgy being kinda obsessed with the boys….especially with Michael Jackson’s case going on and all….^^;;;; But the boys and the Titanic girl(can’t remember her name ^^;;;) act very well.

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