Nataraj (ナタラジ)

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ティッカ マサラ セット(炭火焼きグルテンティッカ入り)、¥2150。きのこカレーセット、¥2200。
Masala curry with tofu. Mushroom curry.
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サイ バジ セット(ほうれん草とレンズ豆のカレー)、¥2000。
Spinach and lentil curry. This is good.
Overall the curries are a bit mild-tasting. Naan is good though.

3 thoughts on “Nataraj (ナタラジ)

  1. Indian food right? I”m most attract to the spinach and bean curry. Masala is always good though.

  2. Yeah Indian food, the best is the spinach actually since you don’t expect it to be hot anyway so you won’t go “ooooooh where is the spice?!!”. ^^;;;;

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