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Bread is no good.
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Fried bream, with little white fish and small cuts of turnip on top, butter sauce. It was nice but I finished the fish in two mouthfuls….bottom layer was just reddish. Everything else was mediocre.

4 thoughts on “EVER GREEN

  1. Oh my god, the most bizarre thing happened~~~I met up with Inoka today for dinner – she managed to delay her flight back to taiwan in order to hang out in Tokyo for a few days – and she was telling me she brought her mom, her mom’s friend and her brother to Ginza and they went to EVERGREEN for lunch!! I was like, “What?????!!! I just went yesterday!!!” And oh my god, she also went yesterday!! But she said she went late so probably that’s why we didn’t bump into each other but I thought I wasn’t exactly that early either and then something just clicked in my head and I asked, “Were you sitting near the window???” She went, “Yeah…” And I asked, “Did you see a girl sitting at the corner by herself?” and she went, “Oh yeah….” Oh my god the third time, we were in the SAME restaurant having lunch at the SAME time and we didn’t see each other!!!!(*0*) The restaurant was practically empty except their table and mine!!!! Look at the photo taken above, Inoka and her brother ARE THERE!!!!!! Wahahahahah~~~~~~!!!! You know the funny thing is, I actually THOUGHT for a moment “oh that girl looks a bit like Inoka~~” This is the most uncanny coincidence in human history~~~~ ^^;;;;;;;

  2. WHHHATTT?! Oh my gosh ^^;;;;; How can you guys totally miss each other like that!?!? That’s really too funny. My gosh…it is totally her and her brother in the picuture! Couldn’t you hear her voice talking? I’m just amazed that you two didn’t even take a look at each other and notice each other existence. And it’s even more funny that it’s the 3rd time that happen.

  3. This IS H I L A R I O U S !!! XDDDDD It’s even more amazing you have pictures to prove. Did you have your headphones on or something coz there’s no way you couldn’t hear mandarin dialogues ^^;;;

  4. Ahahaha, it was only one time in EVERGREEN that happened. The restaurant was really really quiet so they were talking very softly and they were a few tables away….so I couldn’t hear them at all. I did look at them when taking the picture and I did notice her – she remembered “a girl sitting at the corner” too so she noticed me as well – but I just never thought that would be her. Inoka has gone on a diet under her mom’s supervision and she has lost 10kg(!) and she has neat(very rare for her ^^;;;) straight hairstyle now so she does look a bit different from far….^^;;;; Another funny thing is, they were planning to go to the restaurant opposite to EVERGREEN but there was a long queue so they changed plan, while I was actually planning to go to EVERGREEN the day before but I walked by BUA-BUA on the way and thought it looked good and changed my plan…which led to this coincidence. Very funny indeed!!

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