Lever Son Verre (ルヴェ ソン ヴェール)

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Aランチ:豚バラ肉のトマト煮セージ風味。Fatty pork in tomato stew.
Bランチ:魚のポワレ、ブールヴェールソース。Pan-fried fish.
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Banana and honey mousse rolled in chocolate cake.

02018 014.jpgランチはサラダとパンがついて800円。デザートとコーヒーつけたら+800円。Quite good considering its price – 800yen for lunch. Dessert and coffee are another 800yen, so-so though.

7 thoughts on “Lever Son Verre (ルヴェ ソン ヴェール)

  1. yeah at least it is cheap~ and the dessert is not bland type (it looks good!)
    I wonder if one day you’d have tried all the French restauratn in Tokyo (or that’s simply impossible as there’re too many of them? ^^;;;)

  2. No la, too many French restaurants here! And new ones keep opening, there is no end to it! ^^;;;

  3. How nice that there’re endless choice of good restaruants in Tokyo!! You’re going to move to a new place next month right? Is it near where Tomoko lives? If that a new potential area to explore for more good places?

  4. Oh Tomoko’s place is near Ikebukoro lo. I suppose I can explore the many ramen shops there if I really move there. ^^;;;

    What?? There are so few French restaurants in LA???? Are you sure???? Or the majority of them are just not affordable??

  5. Oh I remember once reading that in LA, Asian and Mexican food are not ‘ethnic’ food, they’re mainstream ^^;;; The ‘ethnic’ food in LA is French…gosh…

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