Ristorante Alessandro Nannini (リストランテ アレッサンドロ・ナニーニ) CLOSED

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Lunch is 1260yen. Bread with fig was nice, came with mandarin orange flavoured olive oil. Dessert was tomato…

9 thoughts on “Ristorante Alessandro Nannini (リストランテ アレッサンドロ・ナニーニ) CLOSED

  1. いちぢく大好き★綺麗なお店のようだけど、ランチはリーズナブルなんだね。トマトのデザートって不思議な感じだけど、美味しかった???

  2. トマトのデザートはやっぱり冷たいトマトだけ。。。(^^;)

  3. Interesting to have tomato as dessert ^^;;;;, is there some honey or sweet sauce over it though?

  4. hey what’s up seat??
    kitty cappucino!!
    so cute! wish I could have it!
    was it good?

  5. Wowow the cat is sooo cute! How did they do it?!

    Hey Tomoko~~~ you finally can check web!? Or are you using your phone?

  6. Glazed tomato…it was just cold tomato lor. ^^;;; I would prefer less fancy appetizer or fancy dessert that don’t taste that great anyway and have a solid good quality pasta instead. The restaurant is in a newly developed district with a fake “Italian street” which is so deserted with more security guards standing around than pedestrians….sad place.

    Tomoto, are you better now?? Let’s meet up sometime!! And what do you mean? My blog hasn’t changed at all….same as how Freda set up for me from the beginning! ^^;;;;

    Yeah the kitten is so cute – those little paws!

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