Fea Doma (フェア・ドマ)

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Cod and potato spaghetti rosemary flavour, was only so-so but the appetizer was very good. Dessert was chocolate mousse, normal. Lunch is 1700yen.
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060728 031.jpgAnother lunch visit. Ratatouille salad. Spaghetti with pork giblets and tomato stew. Lemon cake. Lunch is 1800yen. Overall taste is alright. The sauce for the spa could be better though. My friend’s choice had an additional charge but tasted better.
Fea Doma

5 thoughts on “Fea Doma (フェア・ドマ)

  1. ランチオフ、一人だったのね。私も今日は用事があって、一人でイタリアンに入ったよ。飯倉の交差点の近くのイタリアン。名前忘れちゃった。ツナとキノコのトマトソースのパスタランチを食べたよ。味は普通だった。

  2. あれー。

  3. Am I sensing that you’ve been frequent Italian a lot more than usual (than French) these days? ^^;;; Is that black olive pate for the bread? *O*

  4. FOXEYさんも一人ランチか。パスタはどこでもあるから、本当に美味しいパスタは逆になかなか見つからないよね。この店もランチはミートソース系が多くて、値段は安いけど、やっぱり夜の方がいいかも。


    Freda, you are sharp~~~ ^^;;;; Yeah, I am moving house and after that I can’t come to Ginza everyday anymore, so I am trying to “finish” all the restaurants that I was planning to go, and so it happens that they are mostly Italian restaurants…^^;;; Yeah that is olive paste! Taste a bit too mild though.

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