Padrino del SHOZAN@VenusFort (パドリーノ・デル・ショーザン@ヴィーナスフォート)

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0324 015.jpg炭火職人矢島朝司直伝 燻製桜えびのお花見パスタプレート:桜チップで自家燻製した桜えびと春野菜を使ったぺペロンチーノに、ミモザサラダと季節のフルーツ、1800円。
Sakura prawn spaghetti, too much pasta too little sauce so tasted a bit thin, smelt good though.

3 thoughts on “Padrino del SHOZAN@VenusFort (パドリーノ・デル・ショーザン@ヴィーナスフォート)

  1. Hey how come suddenly eat at Odaiba so much? is it because you’re gonna move soon and you won’t go there often? The place looks totally Las Vegas!

  2. Looks more like a classical concert hall than a restaurant ^^;;; Sounds like it should be good, sakura flavor~

  3. Sakura shrimp(桜海老) is a type of shrimp that is very small and can be eaten whole.

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