Fiorentina (フィオレンティーナ@六本木ヒルズ)

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Mont Blanc(gd) and Fig tart(bad). It is in Grand Hyatt Hotel hence the stiff price.

8 thoughts on “Fiorentina (フィオレンティーナ@六本木ヒルズ)

  1. Saw Lost in Translation on DVD finally. I thought it was a bit slow and some scenes quite offensive to Japanese, e.g. that old prostitute scene(come on, it is ridiculous!) and the strip show(there are such places anywhere in the world). The culture shock and language barrier are all very true but aren’t they a bit cliche/over-used in the past? I simply don’t see any novel and incisive view points as a foreigner in Japan and the main relationship isn’t that interesting to me either lor.

  2. thank god i am not the only one who feel this way!!! i didn’t even finsh the movie.

  3. Yeah and the main girl character is so snobby, looking down on the model talking stupid and everything, but her own “having fun” isn’t exactly that intellectual either ma.

  4. Haha and they’re totally ungrateful and umsympathetic for getting to live in nice hotels *for FREE* in Tokyo, dammit!

    I think the main girl is abit of a self-insertion of Sofia Coppola (who always work in Japan). So many speculated the husband is meant to be her own ex-husband Spike Jones, and the dumb blonde girl is Cameron Diaz who tried to flirt with Spike Jones (when making Being John Malkovich) so she mocked her in the film. ^^;;

  5. Wahahahaha~~~~~makes so much more sense after knowing the “background” information. ^^;;;;; When the main girl was hiding inside the hotel and feeling all melancholic or whatever, I just thought “Go read a book!”, “Go shopping!”. ^^;;;;;

  6. I didn’t find the movie offensive at all, in fact I even feel a bit related (^^;;;;). But yeah, the part that bugs me more is that I had a hard time sympathizing them since they live in that NIIIICCE hotel in Tokyo and had all the time of their life to do ANYTHING they want…go travel! go shopping!! go read! go watch whatever, go EAT and drink!! man~~hello~~~ I know relationship is troubling them blah blah, then go do those fun things to enjoy yourself then.

  7. But I still like the film though. It captures the mood of loneliness and isolation pretty well.

  8. Guess people who can appreciate the mood will like it – maybe I am too insensitive/been in Japan for too long. ^^;;;

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