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060309 119ローストポーク、カシスソース。
Roasted pork with cassis sauce. Portion is big but tastes quite bland. With corn soup, bread and coffee it is 1300yen.

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The pork is too hard. Waitors are all French, and probably because I was taking pictures and all, the staff asked me if the food was good….very awkward moment cos it wasn’t. ^^;;;

7 thoughts on “French-Dining

  1. ha…so you end up saying nothing? The french waiters can speak Japanese? The place seems kinda cute.

  2. シーさんの前のブログも見ました!いろんなお店が出てきてすごく楽しかったです。

  3. やっこさん>

    Yeah, I was hesitating whether I should lie and be polite, or I should tell the truth, but I hesitated too long and lost the timing….so ended up just smiling (probably) awkwardly. Kinda rude I know…^^;;;

  4. え~!!Hさんと!?そうだったのですか~。。

  5. At least you get away that they thought you were just a ‘usual’ timid shy asian girl.

    I read from Japanese magazine mentioning this book about the what the restaurants think of “food” being the new otaku genre, how there’s lots of food blog and amatuer critics and all…^^;; Maybe the restaurant people all know by now, and get nervous when anyone with camera (“oh no, she’s gonna write shit about us on her blog”)

  6. Japanese are generally obsessed with food – you turn on the TV anytime there will be programs about food, restaurant guides flood the bookstores. Internet and blog are just new and very efficient way of blooming up this kind of obsession. But most of the times amateur opinion are more reliable than professional, after all amateurs pay for the food themselves, and are not paid for writing the critics.

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