Chez Daigo(シェ・ダイゴ)

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Pate, scallop with avocado. Green pea soup.
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Roasted beef in red wine sauce.
Chez Daigo

3 thoughts on “Chez Daigo(シェ・ダイゴ)

  1. Oh they only beef that day or they’re specialize in beef? I’ll always go for lamb rather than beef steak too~

  2. Strange thing is I actually like beef, in 焼肉 or any other recipe, but I just don’t like beef as a steak. ^^;;;

  3. me too~~ haha~ strange. Beef steak is too macho, too…beefy ^^;;, and didn’t have as much beef flavor/aroma as grilled thiner slice.

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